Online Therapy


is it time to make some positive changes in your life?


When you’re struggling, it can be hard to create a vision of a meaningful life, let alone make it happen. I want to help you:

  • examine what you really care about

  • increase enjoyable and satisfying activities

  • strengthen relationships

  • learn skills to manage stress and anxiety

  • live according to your values

  • be assertive and mindful in difficult conversations and uncomfortable situations

  • live with a sense of hope about your future 


Through online therapy, we will apply any or all of the above concepts to fit your hopes and goals. Let’s move beyond what holds you back, and get on a positive track.


SOUNDS simple, but it isn't that easy to do.


It's hard to make changes, because your current coping methods ARE working right now. But they only work in the short term as temporary relief. Over time, those same coping strategies become more problematic, shaping a life for you that you don't actually want.

Taking personal responsibility for your future requires courage and the ability to live with the fact that we can’t have or do everything. Through online therapy, you can explore what’s meaningful to you, and make choices that will affect your life and future in a positive way.


With a solid internet connection and a private space, you can have very productive sessions online, and save a lot of hassle by not having to travel to an appointment. I can provide services to residents of New York and Colorado, as well as outside of US.

Sessions can be reserved through the Booking tab. If you’re unsure or just want more info, please schedule a free 20-minute consult to get started.