assertiveness is not about charging forward, leaving a path of ruin in your wake.


Being assertive is about being present and having the strength to interact in a genuine way, with no guarantee on how others will respond.  

Having assertiveness as your default grounds you and gives you options. There is no rule against being passive, aggressive or passive-aggressive when the situation truly calls for it—but those situations are rare.  

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communication styles, belief systems, interpersonal roles and stress management all influence your ability to be assertive.


The core areas listed above are where we focus our efforts in the Assertiveness Lab, a four-week therapy intensive. The Lab requires a commitment to trying things out in the field. You'll come out of it a more authentic communicator, and with the tools to continue on your own. 

You can schedule the four-session lab right here on the website, by clicking on the Booking tab. Individual sessions are offered as well if you prefer that. If you’re unsure or just want more info, please schedule a free 30-minute consult to get started.