Steve Rudolf, LCSW


Columbia University (MSW)
Northwestern University (BA)
Int’l Solution Focused Practitioner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
NY #082605, CO #09925602

“Steve was understanding and responsive. Most important, he offered concrete strategies that are helping me.” — former client G.T.


let's work together to get things on a good track. 

I want to help you make positive changes, without it having to be some long, drawn-out experience. I trust in your ability to keep things moving forward on your own. Beyond my work, I enjoy my family, friends, and fun activities (guitar, español, comedy, and NBA podcasts).

I include descriptions of the interventions I use in the FAQ. They are all geared towards using your strengths to get things moving in a positive direction. You can schedule a session or the brief-therapy intensive from the Booking tab. If you’re unsure or just want more info, book a free 20-minute consult to get started, or just get in touch via my contact info.